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Welcome to the EuropeWiki Community Portal, the Europe MetaWiki hub! The wiki seeks to create an open-content encyclopedia for all things NationStates-related.

[edit] Site Map

           Groups: Nations – Ex-Nations – Factbooks

       Role-Play: Alliances – Individuals – Cities – Hardware – History – Wars

  NationStates: Max Barry – Game Info

           EuropeWiki: Featured Articles – Europe MetaWiki – Help pages – Administrators

[edit] Get involved

Since EuropeWiki is always a work-in-progress, there are many things for you to work on:

See What to contribute for more ideas on how to get involved.

[edit] Writing/Reference Resources

[edit] Policies and conventions

Overview of policiesCopyrightManual of StyleNSwiki etiquetteBe bold! but Stay cool!Arbitration policyGuide for administrators

[edit] Resources

HelpSpecial pagesRequested articlesWhat to contributeHow to contributeInfo boxesVillage pumpTo do

[edit] About EuropeWiki

[edit] New user information

Welcome!FAQ HomeSandboxHelpAbout NSwiki

[edit] NSwiki highlights

Featured articlesAnnouncementsStats

Thta's going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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