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Due to server troubles the EuropeWiki that you all know and love is currently unavailable. As a stopgap measure we’ve set up this temporary wiki until the original is functional again. Until that time this wiki is available for your use. When the problems with our own wiki have been resolved you will have to manually copy articles over from this wiki.

If you have any problems using this resource then please contact Greater DCU on the forums or Admin on the wiki

Please note that EuropeWiki is an unofficial resource, and is not endorsed by either Jennifer Government: NationStates or Jolt Online Gaming.

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The Greater Democratic Communist Union is a massive socially progressive European nation. Ruled by a democratically elected government, the nation is dedicated to and run on the principles of Progressive Communism and European Socialism, philosophies that have often led to tension and, occasionally, hostilities with some of the region’s more aggressive capitalist/fascist regimes.

Greater DCU is a pleasant nation in which to live, as the many immigrants who arrive each year can testify to. The planned economy ensures steady and impressive economic growth while the free healthcare and education services are the envy of the region. While the Politburo is strong and centrally controlling, the democratic system ensures that civil rights are respected across the nation. The citizens of Greater DCU are generally warm and friendly, though occasionally suspicious of foreigners. The rights of Free Press and Free Speech are also held dear among the populace.

The Greater Democratic Communist Union is often officially shortened to Greater DCU or abbreviated to GDCU. The nation can also be referred to as the Union while the term Verde describes the nation’s geographic location. Verdean is also used to denote the people of the Greater DCU and their culture and practices.

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  • EuropeWiki gets a new home on the 23 July 06!

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Quality not Quantity

Remember that EuropeWiki will only be residing on this server until our own is fixed. Unfortunately this means that when the time comes to return to our own server the articles that you create here will have to be manually copied over. So be smart and don’t make extra work for yourself – use this wiki to house the important articles but don’t bother with a two line summary of Prince Francis the Tepid.

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Community info

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